• Sean Lyons
    Very nice place, thank you so much! We enjoyed it!
    Sean Lyons
    Cecilya Balian House - 1 night
  • Karin Balfas
    Very good. Sari was very helpful. We enjoyed our stay. I do suggest bath mats in the bathroom. * I will also do a report.
    Karin Balfas
    Vivi Villa - 4 nights
  • Rana Shaminder Singh
    100% The villa is beautiful and amazing with 100% privacy and security. Wildan is great help, you can text him anything and he will take no-time to complete it effectively. Extended my stay due to the services and location and would highly recommend people to stay here.
    Rana Shaminder Singh
    Tiga Samudra Villas - 3 nights
  • Seah Po Poh
    Very good, clean and beautiful place. We wished we could have stayed till the end of our vocation but it was fully booked :( .. Staff very pleasant.
    Seah Po Poh
    Cecilya Balian House - 1 night
  • Joan
    It is comfortable place to live in but this place lack of blanket and NCB often breaks therefore there are blackout sometimes. Overall it was a nice experience. Thank you!!
    Cecilya Balian House - 2 nights
  • Grahita Primasari
    Very satisfied. The villa is very clean and comfortable. But you have to rent car or bike since it's quite hard to find public transportation here.
    Grahita Primasari
    Vivi Villa - 1 night
  • Amany
    Unforgettable stay in this villa, you will feel isolated from the world, just idyllic and romantic. you will not miss anything thanks to the constant service that your man major offers you; a big thank you to our man Major Wildan who knew how to listen and satisfy our requests. I recommend this stay to all, unforgettable memories.
    Tiga Samudra Villas - 7 Days
  • Shehab
    Villa was very clean and comfortable and Wildan was very helpful and always there when needed.
    Tiga Samudra Villas - 3 Days
  • Hristina & Anthony
    Very happy! The villa was beautiful and the staff very attentive. Would definitely stay again. Thank you!
    Hristina & Anthony
    Tiga Samudra Villas
  • Jamelot Sean Lou
    Our stay was perfect, quite staff was really we loving, friendly and upmost assisting. Will definitely come back. Thank for having us.
    Jamelot Sean Lou
    Tiga Samudra Villas
  • Amira
    Very satisfied with the villa & services profided. Our butler, Wildan was exceptional and always available to meet our requests with a smile! Thank you.
    Tiga Samudra Villas