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Over the past years Hotel and Villa Management, the best guest supply company in Jakarta – has successfully supplied over hundreed clients with an extensive range of needs. We have also designed, created and supplied over hundreed Independent Hotels and Villas with their own personalised guest amenity range. We have created a mechanism on our website for you to be able to create your own product range.

Specialised design, professional teamwork and quality products, innovative packaging ideas and absolute commitment to service excellence have allowed VPM Suppliers to become the nominated supplier to the majority of group and independent hotels in Indonesia.

Linen Supplier

High quality linen product for:
Bath room.
Bed room.

Shop On-Linen provides a choice of high quality Bali linen products made of the best materials and carefully made for villas, hotel, and homes. Our various well-appointed linen products feature scrupulous and stylish design, specially crafted for those who have elegance in mind upon designing the house’s interior. All of those qualified bed linen Bali that we offer is available at a competitive price compared to the others. Shop on Linen offers a new comfortable way to shop your hotel bedding, bathing, and dining amenities from a Bali hotel supplier online.

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance service.
Pool water treatment service.
Pool reconditioning service.
Algae removal and shock treatment service.
Pool chemical supplier.
Renew water filter system.

Let our trained professional staff taking care of all your pool's need. VPM has offered affordable weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance service to all satisfied clients. We are a complete residential and villas pool service, serving hotel properties for over 5 years. Our expert service technicians are trained to locate and repair any aspect of your pool with efficiency. All work is fully guaranteed. If you're tired of the hassle that comes with swimming pool maintenance, consider hiring our professional team to help keep your satisfaction. Allow us to tailor a contract to meet your needs for any or all of the services we provide.

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
PRICE RANGE 0 - 39 m2 40 - 99 m2 100 Up m2
Monthly Rp. 450.000 Rp. 675.000 Rp. 990.000
Quarterly Rp. 425.000 Rp. 625.000 Rp. 950.000
Semester Rp. 400.000 Rp. 600.000 Rp. 900.000

Pest Control - Insect Killer

Exterminate crawling insects.
Eradicate flying insects.
Rats poison and traps.
Fogging air system.
Other insects and wildlife.

Over hundreed people have chosen our service to solve their pest control problems, for which we provided innovative pest control products or conventional pest control supplies, from protective clothing to the latest humane electronic pest control systems on the market. Our profesional staff are always on hand to give the best professional pest control product advice to help you solve your specific rodent, insect or pest problems. Whether indoor pests or outdoor pests, ants to gulls you can trust us to help you find a resoluton or pest control product to eradicate your pest problems.

Pest Control
Pest Control