Perched above the Ayung River Gorge, Amandari (‘peaceful spirits’) is situated about 60 minutes from Bali’s international airport in Denpasar, and 10 minutes from the arts community of Ubud in the island’s verdant heartland. Designed as a Balinese ‘village’ and an intrinsic part of Kedewatan Village nearby, the property surrounds a pathway said to be on sacred land. It leads down to the river in the valley below, and every six months, for hundreds of years, local Balinese have taken this path down to a spring-fed pool of holy water overlooked by three modest shrines and an ancient stone-carved tiger. The tradition still takes place today, and this peaceful site heightens the connection that exists between the resort and the community in which it resides.

Amandari’s open-air reception area was designed after a wantilan, a village meeting place, which overlooks a replica of the ancient stone tiger. From here, winding pathways lead to the Restaurant, the main swimming pool mirroring the curved shape of the rice paddies below, the Bar, a library and boutique, as well as to 32 free-standing thatched-roof suites.

Surrounded by high paras-stone walls for privacy and offering terraces with tranquil views, each suite is accessed via a Balinese-style gateway. Views and layouts vary, with some overlooking the valley and rice paddies, and a number featuring a duplex configuration, a plunge pool and additional rooms. All suites offer a garden courtyard, an indoor living area and full-height sliding glass doors that open on three sides to lush surroundings. Bathrooms provide twin vanities and dressing areas, a separate shower and toilet, and an outdoor sunken marble bathtub.

Serviced by two staff, the Amandari Villa is tucked into rice terraces less than a minute’s drive from the resort. Overlooking the Ayung River Gorge, it is a 1,500-square-metre Balinese-style compound consisting of five separate pavilions. These include three detached, terrace-style bedrooms; a separate living room walled entirely in windows and sliding glass doors; and a fully-fitted kitchen. A garden, landscaped deck and dining bale embrace an expansive, two-tiered swimming pool. Villa guests can use the resort’s facilities at any time and a car is always on standby.

Amandari’s open-sided Restaurant, crafted largely of teak, overlooks the resort’s 32-metre, green-tiled swimming pool, which is situated close to the lip of the gorge. Every evening, gamelan players perform from the music pavilion behind the pool, which is also a venue for regular Balinese dance performances by local children. The Restaurant serves Western and local Indonesian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The adjacent Bar, with its terrace seating, enjoys a similar setting and views.

Amandari’s Aman Spa is located at the end of a winding andesite path and presents two open-air treatment bales, a beauty salon, sauna and marble steam room. Surrounded by a lotus pond, the bales seem to float peacefully above the water. The gym is fitted with cardiovascular equipment and looks out onto the lotus pond surrounding the spa facility. There is also a tennis court that can be floodlit for night play.

Suites at AMANDARI

Balinese-style stone gateways front Amandari’s thatched-roof Suites, which open on three sides via sliding glass doors to lush garden courtyards. Located near the Ubud rice fields, the Suites' paras stone walls ensure complete privacy, and interiors feature coconut and teak wood accents.


The Amandari Villa is a serene Balinese-style home surrounded by cascading rice terraces and offering beautiful views of the Ayung River Valley. Composed of five free-standing pavilions, a landscaped garden and a two-tiered swimming pool, the villa features three detached terrace-style bedrooms and a kitchen for entertaining. Consummate privacy can be found here, whether admiring the Batukaru, Sanghyang and Lesung Peaks from the terrace, dining in the open-air bale, or retreating in the glass-walled living room. The property, serviced by two staff, is situated a minute’s drive from Amandari, with a dedicated vehicle on hand to ensure amenities are always within close reach.


Experiences at AMANDARI


Bali is blessed with natural beauty, a balmy climate and rich traditions upheld by its deeply spiritual people. Volcanoes skirted by terraced rice paddies drop to a breathtaking coastline, and villages and temples dot the landscape. Amandari arranges bespoke experiences and tailor-made adventures anywhere on the island.

Village artisans

Ubud is Bali’s artistic heart, full of galleries and home to many artists, while the villages nearby have been known for centuries for the work of their artisans. Visit the tucked away village ateliers of silversmiths, wood carvers and Balinese painters, or take a lesson with an artist living nearby.

Spend a peaceful morning or afternoon with a local Balinese artist with a private painting session at Amandari. Create anything from a simple local shrine to a colourful natural scene of Amandari’s surroundings.

Island of the Gods

Sacred springs, shrines and statues dot the wilderness of the Ayung River Valley, and regular festivals give the decorated villages a carnival-like atmosphere. Amandari can arrange private excursions to ancient temples, personalised blessings and walks that reveal the spiritual aspect of Balinese culture.

From the morning market

Combine a country walk with a visit to one of the island’s indispensable institutions. An Amandari driver will take you to Blahkiuh Market, about 20 minutes from Amandari, where you are free to soak up the sights, the colours and the fresh morning air. Then, with your guide, it is on into the countryside, through rice fields and villages and back to the resort.

Explore nearby temples

Ubud is full of interesting and world-famous temples. From Pura Taman Saraswati, in the centre of Ubud, to Pura Tirta Empul, to the lesser known local temples that dot the map, a trip to Amandari means a step into the spiritual Balinese culture.

Balinese Dance & Gamelan Class

Ibu Agung, our talented in-house dance teacher, has been part of the Amandari family for over 20 years. She comes to the resort daily to teach the local children the renowned skill of Balinese dance. Her husband, Bapak Agung, is the local music teacher, instructing the male youth the art of the gamelan. You can watch the children practice at the Lotus Pond Pavilion during the week.

On winding trails

Discover Bali’s countryside with our expert local guides. Trek along a ridge high above the river, with banyan trees framing views across the gorge, or mountain bike through forests and rice paddies. All on its own with spectacular views, our remote hillside bale is ideal for private picnics.

Cycling & Tracking

There are few more scenic ways to appreciate the beauty of Bali than with a cycle or trek through the countryside. Amandari’s guides are all locals who know the region backwards, and picnics and encounters with local artisans, healers or artists can always be arranged along the way.

Cycling Tours

Cycling is a superb way to experience Balinese daily life and nature up close and personal, whether peddling through remote villages, crossing peaceful rice paddies or freewheeling down endless downhills on quiet back roads. Amandari’s team of cycling guides are experts at finding completely off-the-beaten-track routes and providing opportune Aman surprises sure to delight.

Country Trekking

From its perch above the Ayung River Gorge, Amandari offers countless trails and pathways leading into the natural wonderland that surrounds the resort. Tailored to time available and fitness levels, Amandari’s trained guides can arrange a trek through lush jungle, verdant rice paddies and tranquil villages, with a picnic overlooking the Gorge as a well-deserved reward.

Mountain Trekking

For those looking for a challenge, Bali offers some spectacular peaks that are well worth summiting for spectacular sunrise views. Rising to a height of 1,717 metres beside a picturesque lake, Mount Batur in Bali’s north can be summited in around two hours, depending on fitness levels, and provides a breathtaking setting for an Amandari picnic breakfast carried up by your personal guide.

Mount Batukaru, the second highest mountain in Bali at 2,275m, can be seen from Amandari’s restaurant terrace and main pool. Recommended for experienced hikers only, the ascent takes about 4-5 hours, and the descent will take 2-3 hours.

Cultural immersion

Ubud is known as the cultural heart of Bali. Traditional housing complexes line the main streets and a temple, whether local or internationally recognised, is never too far away. Discover the unique lives of the Balinese, their Hindu rituals and unique craftsmanship through tours or comprehensive activities from Amandari, offering guests the unrivalled access to the island's captivating soul.

Balinese dance

Ibu Agung, Amandari’s talented in-house dance teacher, has been part of the resort’s family for over 20 years. She visits the resort daily to teach local children the renowned skill of Balinese dance. Her husband, Bapak Gung, is the local music teacher, instructing the male youth the art of the gamelan. Guests are invited to watch the children as they learn these treasured expressions at the Lotus Pond Pavilion.

Aksara Bali

Known as Aksara Bali, Balinese script is believed to have descended from ancient India dating back to the 11th century and, along with Aksara Jawa, is considered the most elaborate and ornate of all the Brahmic scripts of Southeast Asia. Aksara Bali has a significant prevalence in many of the island’s traditional ceremonies and is strongly associated with the Hindu religion. At Amandari, guests can take part in preserving this age-old tradition with an informative yet therapeutic script writing session, accompanied by light refreshments.

Balinese healing

A young and respected spiritual healer, guests are invited to take part in a traditional Balinese healing practice with Made Lunas during a private session at his local home. Bali’s traditions are deeply rooted in holistic healing, which is demonstrated through this transformational experience, including readings on subjects such as health, love, and career (present and future) which aim to heal the body and open the mind.

Balinese numerology

The spiritual side of local life can also be uncovered with an early morning water purification and meditation at Pura Mengening, a beautiful nearby water temple. To the sound of the cascading water, these ancient Balinese rituals are followed by breakfast before a numerology session – an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers - with a Balinese shaman. This awakening journey is led by Luh Manis, a Jero priestess from the local area, who also helps to translate along the way.

Art class

In the comfort of one’s Suite, the Golden Pavilion, or any other place of inspiration around Amandari, guests can spend a peaceful morning taking part in a private painting or wood carving session with a local Balinese artist. Creating anything from simple floral woodwork to colourful watercolour scenes of the resort’s surroundings, sessions are tailored to suit guest preferences, with each art piece a personal memento of time spent in central Bali.

Dining at AMANDARI

With its idyllic setting on the Island of the Gods, Amandari is perfectly placed to offer an ambrosial culinary experience that showcases Bali’s cornucopia of seasonal produce and unique flavours. Our chefs handpick the freshest ingredients from Amandari’s own organic garden and local farms, and just-caught seafood arrives daily from the shores of the Indian Ocean. Savour authentic Balinese and Indonesian cuisine, as well as international dishes in The Restaurant, Bar and private Dining Bale, or enjoy private dining in the comfort of your Suite 24 hours a day.

Wellness at AMANDARI

A winding pathway leads through the gardens to the edge of a lotus pond, where the Spa rests in tranquil dappled light. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, therapies incorporate healing local ingredients to harmonise body and mind.

Start your journey

Signifying new beginnings, the Balinese Melukat purification ceremony is the finishing touch of Amandari’s revitalising signature spa journey, which also includes a full body exfoliation using black rice and cinnamon, a body wrap of mineral-rich volcanic clay, and a therapeutic head massage.

Spiritual Wellness

There is beauty in embarking on a journey of transformation. By dedicating cherished time and effort to spiritual emotional well-being, Amandari offers a prime example to recharge, restore, and reconnect using ancestral practices inspired by the local Balinese Hindu culture.

Resident Spiritual Healer

Bagjo Indrijanto’s deep understanding in spirituality started when he was eight years old learning directly from his family. The combination of knowledge and experiences has led him to spiritual healing work which has helped his clients in their spiritual soul awakening and finding their true life. Through years, Bagjo has developed his own holistic approach which includes spiritual reading and healing through divine energy and meditation to help reach inner peace and achieve a better understanding of life.

Traditional Indonesian treatments

Using local ingredients, traditional wellness rituals include Mandi Lulur, the classic preparation of a Javanese bride for her wedding day with a massage, body mask, exfoliation and herbal bath. Mandi Rempah includes a massage with ginger and clove, a body wrap of red clay and nutmeg, and a coconut milk and lavender bath.

Improve your tennis

Practise your game on Amandari’s hard tennis court, located next to the spa. Tennis lessons and hitting partners can be arranged, and all equipment is provided.

Aman Advanced Facial

Made in Japan, Aman’s new functional skincare line, Essential Skin, is infused with powerful rice bran and indigo extracts, to achieve noticeably lifted, more radiant skin. Combining products from the Essentials Skin line with exfoliation and manual lifting techniques, the Aman Advanced Facial stimulates face muscles to improve the skin’s overall texture.

The treatment begins with ultrasonic scrubbing to loosen and remove oil and debris from the pores. Supported by electric muscle stimulation and massage to firm, and cryo bulbs to eliminate puffiness, the complexion appears brighter and tighter. The treatment continues with the application of a marine mineral mask to deeply hydrate, followed by Aman x 111Skin Nourishing Gold Algae hydrogel face and eye masks to achieve an exceptional glow. For a wholly rejuvenation process, the facial can be extended to incorporate a 15-minute scalp massage.

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